1003 Instructions

a)  By selecting this link 1003i you will be downloading an *interactive form that can be filled out by computer.  *However, you can only save the form to your computer if you have the Standard or Professional version of the AdobeReader or another third party software that allows you to edit, save and/or print pdf documents.  The instructions on the previous screen are for the Free version of the AdobeReader.

b)  This link 1003 will download a default version that must be printed out and filled out manually by hand or typewriter.


1. All five pages are basically self explanatory.
2. You do not have to fill out the liabilities section on pages 2 and 3. (We'll populate that for you from your credit report.)
3. Section VII on page 3 does not have to be filled out.
4. Use the continuation sheet on page 5 if needed to further annotate your assets.
5. Sign the top of page 1, sign and date pages 4 and 5.
6. FAX, email or postal mail to us the 1003.
7. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank You.

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